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Find Joe!   
10:36pm 09/12/2010
  I don't know if anyone reads this anymore, but a fellow Carl of mine, Joe Sjoberg, went missing in Madison, WI. Please help find him!

facebook: http://on.fb.me/HelpFindJoe



I didn't really know him well, but I have a number of friend's who were close to him and if anyone around Madison (or anywhere, really) sees this, keep your eyes open!

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I almost forgot about eljay   
05:48pm 15/01/2009
mood: chipper
I came to the realization today that by proxy, I have essentially touched almost every student at Carleton.

Related: I spent two hours and ten minutes today filing drop/add and s/cr/nc cards.

Also related, the ladies where I work showed me how hot water will freeze before it hits the ground when you throw it in the air. It was awesome. Not so awesome was walking to lab when it was -26 (not even including wind chill).

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07:43pm 16/04/2008
mood: tired
The last time I played tetris during class on my calculator was AP Stats senior year in high school when we had like five different teachers, none of whom actually taught us anything.

Until today when I spent the first half of physics playing tetris and the second have being confused. I wish my prof would, oh I don't know, actually teach us something. That's what professors usually do, right? When It takes me almost an hour working with people in my class and the physics tutor to figure out a problem we went over in class, something's wrong.

In other news, it's finally warming up!! And I want to get my bike out of storage only I can't find my key anywhere. shoot.

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weird dream I had last night   
06:05pm 25/03/2008
mood: refreshed
I went to get my hair cut and the hair stylist was Bill Clinton. After cutting my hair, I noticed that hair cuts were $21 and I had exactly that so I started to worry about not being able to tip him. Only he didn't ask for money and instead started rocking out on his sax.

Then I was in this weird dorm place where none of the room numbers were in order so I went outside to this deck and watched a beautiful sunset until a volcano erupted and I watched that too.

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From Ship of Gold by Gary Kinder:   
08:14pm 04/03/2008
mood: happy
"Working on the bottom of the deep ocean wasn't impossible, it was only considered impossible, and that was the distinction Tommy had learned: Other people labeled things impossible not because they couldn't be done, but because no one was doing them. He had revisited all of the old assumptions, found many of them no longer valid, and saw ways around the others. Bob had talked to Tommy for years about the project but not till now did he begin to see the whole thing as "a series of incredibly nonexistent barriers."

"Realizing that impossibility dwelt only in the imagination was the gateway to a new world of thinking, and this was the world in which Tommy lived. The idea of finding the Central America and recovering her "treasure" quickly became a rich metaphor for all that was possible: We find the ship, we recover the gold; what can we learn along the way?"

Ship of Gold is a wonderful book, by the way.

This goes along with one of my favorite quotes, which is from Ender's Game:

"I don't like to rule things out just because they're impossible."

I think it helps me to see these kinds of quotes sometimes. Like at 3am when the vending machine gives me microwave popcorn instead of Reese's Pieces and it's freezing and gross outside and I still have most of my bs anthro paper to write and lots of stupid stuff is going on and getting me down and totally convinced that everything I do is futile and things will never work out.

Other things that help:
*Doing crosswords with Julia
*Laughing about things that no one understands except for Amy and me
*Super Deftron 5000
*The free time in my schedule right before calculus where I sit on a couch in the CMC and the sun shines in at the right angle as too convince me it's warm out and either reading Ship of Gold or talking to someone around.
*The songs "Grizzly Bear", "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright", "I Walk the Line," "I've Been Delivered", and any song by Great Big Sea
*Anything reminding me of Williams-Mystic

And next week it's finals and then I'm back in California for a couple of weeks!!!

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"Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part."   
01:06am 27/02/2008
  -Hermann Broch

On the front page of the Science Times section of the New York Times, there was this article:

"Human Shadows on the Sea"

It is a really good article on the state of our oceans and human impact on them. The maps (under multimedia) are really great as well. I recommend people to check it out. It kind of echos what Edith Widder (our convo speaker on Friday who is a deep sea explore/ biologist specializing in bioluminescence) on how much we don't know about oceans (which make up a ridiculously huge portion of our world) yet how much damage we do to them. I really enjoyed her talk, even if I knew quite a bit of what she talked about from Williams-Mystic, except of course about the never-before-seen footage of that crazy giant squid and the six gilled shark.

Man, I am just genuinely happy right now for no real reason. Possible contributions? The Lost Bayou Ramblers (a Cajun band) on Saturday was amazing, I've been enjoying playing IM soccer a lot, lunch and dinner were very enjoyable yesterday and today (I was in Burton until 9:30pm tonight, it was ridiculous), working in the Cave was nice, I've been to the rec center a lot lately, I finally figured out what my like 10 second solo is, and I'm excited for the classes I'm taking next term (if I can get in them, that is). I guess everything is sort of falling into place. Pus, I'm not getting depressed about not being at Mystic anymore (don't get me wrong, I still miss everything about it- but I'm just incredibly happy that I had-and still have- that in my life), which is good.

Basically, I feel like the luckiest kid alive right now. Thank you life, and good night.

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Have a Codfish, Please.   
07:07pm 05/12/2007
mood: contemplative
I smell like fish. At least my hands do. And that's after washing them with soap and lemon juice multiple times. Yum. But splitting cod was really fun. First you have to rip off the head, which was actually my favorite part. You rip off the head because if you chopped it off, you'd lose some flesh. So then you split it and rip out the spine. We didn't get to gut it because it's illegal to see ungutted fish in Connecticut. So after that it's ready to be salted! My hands were numb by that point because we were in the LA Dunton (a ship) and there was no heat. But then we got to find the eardrums which I might make earrings out of and then the lens in the eyeball which is like a tiny marble. Nathan was telling us how his record for school kids is two fainting and one puke in one group when he does the cod splitting demonstration. Apparently kids usually scream when he rips the heads off too.

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I really need to work on my policy paper. It needs A LOT of work and it's due Saturday. I'm so done with work though. Sarah and I had a successful presentation yesterday, complete with a paper maché volcano with a fabulous eruption. Man am I going to miss Williams-Mystic. I'm glad I'm coming back this summer to work for Lisa (my oceanography prof) and go to Canada with her and some seniors working on their theses. And Rachel and Emily are working for Jim! And I love both of them! Rachel woke me up by jumping on me this morning. IT was actually a good wake-up, and I'll miss that kind of thing at Carleton and home. Oh well. I should stop thinking about the end. And on to the Marine Science Center for some fun and exciting lava discussion!

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so I posted this story on facebook, but I think it's too cool of a story not to repeat it.   
08:46pm 04/11/2007
mood: jubilant
So I was cooling down from my run, just walking by the seaport on my way back to Mallory House, listening to some sweet tunes, when I come to the realization that someone is yelling at me from their car.

I take off my headphones and hear something to the effect of:
"Just so you know, there's an ostrich behind you and they bite, so be careful."

I spin around and what do you know, there's a freakin' massive ostrich hardly six feet behind me! The thing is at least 5 feet tall, and who knows how long it had been following me.

Taking to heed the "they're dangerous" people from the safety of their cars were yelling at me, I started planning my escape route; "ok, if it attacks, I will jump the fence and sprint behind the Greenman House and hope to God he doesn't get me..."

Meanwhile the ostrich is checking me out and apparently decides I'm not interesting and sort of meanders across the street, holding up traffic and completely ignoring the motorcyclist revving his engine and honking at it. Then it just walks away in the other direction.

I'm in Mystic, CT and an ostrich starts following me. Since when are there ostriches wandering the streets of Mystic, CT?

Is that awesome or what?

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12:23am 06/10/2007

And who's idea was it to watch SE7EN. Terrible movie. TERRIBLE.

But I'm going to be in California tomorrow!!!! Monterey! San Francisco! Bodega Bay!

Williams-Mystic is so SWEET.

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05:48pm 19/08/2007
mood: relaxed
Tomorrow I fly to the east coast for the first time in my life to spend the next three and a half months in Connecticut at Mystic Seaport. I'm really excited, though kind of not just because it hasn't sunk in I'm actually going.

It's like being a freshman all over again, new place, new people and everything. And no dorm food! We live in houses and get a weekly budget for food. And I really hope the people in my program are cool people (there are only going to be like 19 or 20 of us). I had a dream that they were all horrible people. It was bad. But I'm sure it's be great.

Only I'll miss Carleton lots and of course this'll be the first time I'm going to be away from Amy for more than like 4 days. I think the longest we've been apart is when I went on band trips. Ooh, and for one trip we go to San Francisco and Monterey! Excitement!

So yeah, sweet. School again. Everyone have good times whenever you start.

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I love Soap   
01:15am 23/06/2007
mood: amused
Jodi: "...Alexander the Great. Plato."
Jessica: "Micky Mouse's dog was gay?!"
long pause
Jodi: "Aunt Jessica, would you be terribly offended if I did not continue this conversation?"
Jessica: (smiles) "No!"
(discussion of Mary's husband's affair... it ends. pause.)
Jessica: "Micky Mouse had a gay dog???!!"
Jodi: (short pause) "Yeah, didn't you know?"
Jessica: "First I'd heard"
Jodi: "Goofy was his lover."
Jessica: (looks shocked)
Jodi and Mary: (laugh)

Anyway, in other news apparently Mr. Beebe from A Room With A View was in The Phantom of the Opera and Shakespeare in Love and he was the voice of the dragon in The Reluctant Dragon. Oh that reluctant dragon... which reminds me, shortly after seeing The Reluctant Dragon, I read an article that says Orlando Bloom plays a reluctant pirate in POTC. If you've seen The Reluctant Dragon, you may know why this made me laugh.

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06:52am 25/05/2007
  I finished!! Kind of. I'm at least leaving Mudd so no Geo profs will come (especially Clint) while I'm still working on this ammonite thing. All of my classes have papers due tommorow or Monday. It's insanity. And good thing I only work in last minute panic. hah.

and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Amy for taking my shift this morning!
you are my hero. You won't regret it come Wednesday morning.

EDIT: Proof I am probably crazy: when I finally finished everything at quarter to 8, instead of say, taking an hour nap or just resting or showering, I decide to go for a run. Yes, a run. I almost started to rewrite my political philosophy paper... but that would be more insane than a run, right?

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I am possibly the best procrastinator   
01:18am 14/05/2007

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Were you perhaps wondering when the worst time for there to be a fire drill?   
09:47pm 10/04/2007
mood: exhausted
Well, you're in luck, because I have an answer! And the answer is, when you're in the shower.

Imagine this: you've had a long day: you spent 3 hours clearing brush, 4 hours in a paleo lab, and 2 hours jumping/bounding/running/lifting weights. A nice warm shower is next on your list after taking care of a few important e-mails and a phone call. The shower is full though, no worries, you check facebook and make a list of what you need to do tonight. Then finally, you get the shower. It feels really nice, all the warm water relaxing you. Now you are at the point of washing the shampoo out of your hair when this infernal noise starts destroying your eardrums. That would be the fire drill. Oh shit.

yeah, so basically I was soaking wet and naked and trying to throw some clothes on before I permanantly lost my hearing and then I ran downstairs and thank god I live in the complex because I didn't have to go out in the snow (yes snow, in April, and not small cute flurries at all either). It was ridiculous.

BONUS question which I would love it if someone knows the answer:

Where is this quote from:
"Dust? Dust? Anyone? Dust?"

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rhetorical question:   
06:13am 06/04/2007
mood: drained
Who doesn't love to pull all nighters?

At least I have an all nighter buddy. Makes things more bearable slash amusing when his ability to grammaticize dies. Yay for Austin! At least I finished first this time.

Ok, quick nap and then it's time to unload fruits and vegetables!! woot!

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Being sick sucks. Just thought I'd throw that out there.   
11:42pm 03/04/2007
mood: sick
I think being sick breaks down my, I don't know the word for this but, ability to be strong (or something?). In otherwise it takes a lot less for me to break down in tears or feel pathetic or something. And I know I have the ability to explain this better but being sick fogs up my mind and prevents me from concentrating on anything. Like Aristotle. Damn you, Aristotle, I really can't comprehend you right now. And it really doesn't help that I'm overwhelmed by the amount of work I have and the almost no time to do it in.

gaaaaaaaaaaa and now I'm just feeling pathetic slash wallowing in self pity. Perhaps I'll just attempt to sleep. Hopefully I'll be able to survive my classes tomorrow. I think I'm wearing myself down with all the stuff I do. I don't have any free time whatsoever these days. And there's nothing I can really not do to make it easier. I mean, I could quit jazz band, but I just joined this term and I really missed playing trumpet last term and I could quit track, but track is my life. I can't quit work because I need the money to pay for college and I obviously can't drop any of my classes. I could forbid myself to do anything social, but one, I know that won't happen and two, I'd become depressed and hate it here. I already gave up hosting a radio show. And I can't think clearly right now. I need more kleenex. And sleep. Good night.

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Me = in a ridiculously good mood   
02:58pm 12/03/2007
mood: giddy
I've decided that running in melting snow, while completely insane/slippery/wet/muddy/dangerous, is also ridiculosuly fun. I've also decided that 45º is like the perfect temperature! I love t-shirt weather!

I also totally kicked ass in my chem exam. The last question was amazing, though I can't really say anything about it until Wednesday because if I did, it would be academic dishonesty. So one final down, two to go. I'm not so worried about French, but I'm really not looking forward to my History of Jazz exam. That class and I did not get along very well. It was super interesting and I felt I learned quite a bit, but my grade/test scores just don't show it. Oh well, I'm so ready for this term to be over!

I'm going to be home from the 18th to the 23rd (I'm going to Seattle to visit my friend untilt he 18th!! SO excited). And then I have three new classes (Paleobiology, Political Philosophy, and History of the American West), outdoor track (I get to learn javalin!), Jazz band (I'm kind of nervous about this because I haven't played my trumpet all this term- I had to quit band for track- and I've never played jazz before. It should be fun though, the other two trumpets were in my geo int he field class and I like them both a lot), Arb crew (meaning no more dish room!), and basically no time to sleep or have a social life. Except I will make time. Because there are people I want to see. Like my friends. And Laura.

Oh man am I happy with my life right now. And now I shall shower so I'm not still covered in mud.

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Could this week get any worse?   
11:04pm 23/01/2007
mood: shocked
It's only Tuesday and all I want to do is curl up and sleep and pretend all this hasn't happened. But it has. And I have a French essay to write and readings about jazz in three different books. And I can't concentrate on anything. Thank God for my Geo 100 class, I could not get through this without them.

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11:12am 07/01/2007
mood: tired
So if you're in California and awake at 1am Sunday night/Monday morning, go to krlx.org and listen to Amy's and my radio show! It'll be really cool, I promise. And you can message us on the website and we'll play you whater song you'd like (providing we have it to play, that is).

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he he he   
07:35pm 12/12/2006
mood: ecstatic
So today I basically ruined half of the Carleton student body's chances of telling me and Amy apart. Now Amy just has to wear my soda tab earrings and everyone's screwed.

And I can hit high notes on my trumpet again. Heck, I can hit low notes on my trumpet again.

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