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Me = in a ridiculously good mood

I've decided that running in melting snow, while completely insane/slippery/wet/muddy/dangerous, is also ridiculosuly fun. I've also decided that 45º is like the perfect temperature! I love t-shirt weather!

I also totally kicked ass in my chem exam. The last question was amazing, though I can't really say anything about it until Wednesday because if I did, it would be academic dishonesty. So one final down, two to go. I'm not so worried about French, but I'm really not looking forward to my History of Jazz exam. That class and I did not get along very well. It was super interesting and I felt I learned quite a bit, but my grade/test scores just don't show it. Oh well, I'm so ready for this term to be over!

I'm going to be home from the 18th to the 23rd (I'm going to Seattle to visit my friend untilt he 18th!! SO excited). And then I have three new classes (Paleobiology, Political Philosophy, and History of the American West), outdoor track (I get to learn javalin!), Jazz band (I'm kind of nervous about this because I haven't played my trumpet all this term- I had to quit band for track- and I've never played jazz before. It should be fun though, the other two trumpets were in my geo int he field class and I like them both a lot), Arb crew (meaning no more dish room!), and basically no time to sleep or have a social life. Except I will make time. Because there are people I want to see. Like my friends. And Laura.

Oh man am I happy with my life right now. And now I shall shower so I'm not still covered in mud.
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