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Tomorrow I fly to the east coast for the first time in my life to spend the next three and a half months in Connecticut at Mystic Seaport. I'm really excited, though kind of not just because it hasn't sunk in I'm actually going.

It's like being a freshman all over again, new place, new people and everything. And no dorm food! We live in houses and get a weekly budget for food. And I really hope the people in my program are cool people (there are only going to be like 19 or 20 of us). I had a dream that they were all horrible people. It was bad. But I'm sure it's be great.

Only I'll miss Carleton lots and of course this'll be the first time I'm going to be away from Amy for more than like 4 days. I think the longest we've been apart is when I went on band trips. Ooh, and for one trip we go to San Francisco and Monterey! Excitement!

So yeah, sweet. School again. Everyone have good times whenever you start.
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