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"Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part."

-Hermann Broch

On the front page of the Science Times section of the New York Times, there was this article:

"Human Shadows on the Sea"

It is a really good article on the state of our oceans and human impact on them. The maps (under multimedia) are really great as well. I recommend people to check it out. It kind of echos what Edith Widder (our convo speaker on Friday who is a deep sea explore/ biologist specializing in bioluminescence) on how much we don't know about oceans (which make up a ridiculously huge portion of our world) yet how much damage we do to them. I really enjoyed her talk, even if I knew quite a bit of what she talked about from Williams-Mystic, except of course about the never-before-seen footage of that crazy giant squid and the six gilled shark.

Man, I am just genuinely happy right now for no real reason. Possible contributions? The Lost Bayou Ramblers (a Cajun band) on Saturday was amazing, I've been enjoying playing IM soccer a lot, lunch and dinner were very enjoyable yesterday and today (I was in Burton until 9:30pm tonight, it was ridiculous), working in the Cave was nice, I've been to the rec center a lot lately, I finally figured out what my like 10 second solo is, and I'm excited for the classes I'm taking next term (if I can get in them, that is). I guess everything is sort of falling into place. Pus, I'm not getting depressed about not being at Mystic anymore (don't get me wrong, I still miss everything about it- but I'm just incredibly happy that I had-and still have- that in my life), which is good.

Basically, I feel like the luckiest kid alive right now. Thank you life, and good night.
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