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one jump ahead of the slowpokes

one skip ahead of my doom

30 August 1988
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i eek. you don't. ha.

i la tromba!!

j'aime courir

ability to talk, abs and core, aladdin, aroom witha view, arrested development, awesomely rad people, band geeks, bathrooms at cactus club, benny and joon, bla-bla-bla, bobby darin, bodacious 80's music, brian regan, buddy the iguana, calvin and hobbes, capture the flag, cucumbers, davis food co-op, disney, don byron's bug music, final countdown, florence terrace, foreign accents, french air quotations, gongs, grand falls, guys named jorge, harry frickin’ potter, herbalpert&thetijuanabrass, holeinthewallpoopcollege, hueylewisand thenews, insane jackrabbit, jazz, jesus christ superstar, johnny depp, lawrence of olivia, le tour de france, leo-stuff.com, les hyper chouettes, life, much rejoicing, my germany, my japan, my switzerland, my united states, organic everything, pance parties, peace, peachy keenness, penguins, pep band, quark and shrimp, redheaded twins, reel big fish, romeo et juliette, ronnie the bear, root beer floats, running while laughing, rupert grint, samosas, saturday night live, shag (he's an artist), shit and giggles, shopping carts, singing loudly and badly, some like it hot, sprinter jog, star wars, stopping cars, stranger than paradise, swing dancing, that 70's show, that damn randall, that guy je kiffe, the annual camping trip, the beatles, the clash, the rat pack, the san francisco song, the word "alas", they might be giants, trumpet, ultimate frisbee, vegetarians, western movie theme songs, whole earth festival, wizard people dear reader, your face