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Being sick sucks. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

I think being sick breaks down my, I don't know the word for this but, ability to be strong (or something?). In otherwise it takes a lot less for me to break down in tears or feel pathetic or something. And I know I have the ability to explain this better but being sick fogs up my mind and prevents me from concentrating on anything. Like Aristotle. Damn you, Aristotle, I really can't comprehend you right now. And it really doesn't help that I'm overwhelmed by the amount of work I have and the almost no time to do it in.

gaaaaaaaaaaa and now I'm just feeling pathetic slash wallowing in self pity. Perhaps I'll just attempt to sleep. Hopefully I'll be able to survive my classes tomorrow. I think I'm wearing myself down with all the stuff I do. I don't have any free time whatsoever these days. And there's nothing I can really not do to make it easier. I mean, I could quit jazz band, but I just joined this term and I really missed playing trumpet last term and I could quit track, but track is my life. I can't quit work because I need the money to pay for college and I obviously can't drop any of my classes. I could forbid myself to do anything social, but one, I know that won't happen and two, I'd become depressed and hate it here. I already gave up hosting a radio show. And I can't think clearly right now. I need more kleenex. And sleep. Good night.
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