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I love Soap

Jodi: "...Alexander the Great. Plato."
Jessica: "Micky Mouse's dog was gay?!"
long pause
Jodi: "Aunt Jessica, would you be terribly offended if I did not continue this conversation?"
Jessica: (smiles) "No!"
(discussion of Mary's husband's affair... it ends. pause.)
Jessica: "Micky Mouse had a gay dog???!!"
Jodi: (short pause) "Yeah, didn't you know?"
Jessica: "First I'd heard"
Jodi: "Goofy was his lover."
Jessica: (looks shocked)
Jodi and Mary: (laugh)

Anyway, in other news apparently Mr. Beebe from A Room With A View was in The Phantom of the Opera and Shakespeare in Love and he was the voice of the dragon in The Reluctant Dragon. Oh that reluctant dragon... which reminds me, shortly after seeing The Reluctant Dragon, I read an article that says Orlando Bloom plays a reluctant pirate in POTC. If you've seen The Reluctant Dragon, you may know why this made me laugh.
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