mik (onejumpahead) wrote,

so I posted this story on facebook, but I think it's too cool of a story not to repeat it.

So I was cooling down from my run, just walking by the seaport on my way back to Mallory House, listening to some sweet tunes, when I come to the realization that someone is yelling at me from their car.

I take off my headphones and hear something to the effect of:
"Just so you know, there's an ostrich behind you and they bite, so be careful."

I spin around and what do you know, there's a freakin' massive ostrich hardly six feet behind me! The thing is at least 5 feet tall, and who knows how long it had been following me.

Taking to heed the "they're dangerous" people from the safety of their cars were yelling at me, I started planning my escape route; "ok, if it attacks, I will jump the fence and sprint behind the Greenman House and hope to God he doesn't get me..."

Meanwhile the ostrich is checking me out and apparently decides I'm not interesting and sort of meanders across the street, holding up traffic and completely ignoring the motorcyclist revving his engine and honking at it. Then it just walks away in the other direction.

I'm in Mystic, CT and an ostrich starts following me. Since when are there ostriches wandering the streets of Mystic, CT?

Is that awesome or what?
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