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From Ship of Gold by Gary Kinder:

"Working on the bottom of the deep ocean wasn't impossible, it was only considered impossible, and that was the distinction Tommy had learned: Other people labeled things impossible not because they couldn't be done, but because no one was doing them. He had revisited all of the old assumptions, found many of them no longer valid, and saw ways around the others. Bob had talked to Tommy for years about the project but not till now did he begin to see the whole thing as "a series of incredibly nonexistent barriers."

"Realizing that impossibility dwelt only in the imagination was the gateway to a new world of thinking, and this was the world in which Tommy lived. The idea of finding the Central America and recovering her "treasure" quickly became a rich metaphor for all that was possible: We find the ship, we recover the gold; what can we learn along the way?"

Ship of Gold is a wonderful book, by the way.

This goes along with one of my favorite quotes, which is from Ender's Game:

"I don't like to rule things out just because they're impossible."

I think it helps me to see these kinds of quotes sometimes. Like at 3am when the vending machine gives me microwave popcorn instead of Reese's Pieces and it's freezing and gross outside and I still have most of my bs anthro paper to write and lots of stupid stuff is going on and getting me down and totally convinced that everything I do is futile and things will never work out.

Other things that help:
*Doing crosswords with Julia
*Laughing about things that no one understands except for Amy and me
*Super Deftron 5000
*The free time in my schedule right before calculus where I sit on a couch in the CMC and the sun shines in at the right angle as too convince me it's warm out and either reading Ship of Gold or talking to someone around.
*The songs "Grizzly Bear", "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright", "I Walk the Line," "I've Been Delivered", and any song by Great Big Sea
*Anything reminding me of Williams-Mystic

And next week it's finals and then I'm back in California for a couple of weeks!!!
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